Spanish GCSE & A level Exam Preparation

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November 9, 2015
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GCSE, AS and A Level Spanish in Cardiff, Bristol and London

GCSE, AS and A Level Spanish at The Spanish Academy[/caption]Many students and parents worry about how well their school is preparing them or their children for their GCSE or A level language exams, as the results have a big impact on the universities that they will be able to apply and be accepted to. For that reason, many parents choose to put their children into private tuition in order to enhance their learning and focus on the areas that they need the most help in, something that is often overlooked in schools. So, if your child is studying Spanish at school and is likely to be taking an exam at some point, it is much better to organise some tailored and high quality extra tuition before the exam stress starts! So, how can we help?Fun and interactive classesChildren and teenagers often find concentrating at school quite difficult. Here at Cardiff Spanish Academy we think it is very important to differentiate between classes for younger learners and classes for adults. For the younger learners, we tailor the exercises and activities so that they are amusing, imaginative and interactive. By doing this, we keep them on their feet – they are both interested and entertained, and most importantly, they are learning.Our tutors and our materialsAt Cardiff Spanish Academy our teachers are not just interesting and intelligent individuals with a passion for teaching and education, they are also qualified and have years of knowledge and experience of the UK education system. For that reason we make the most of all of the different UK exam board official preparation guides as well as past exam papers, but we also have a wide range of our own materials. Our tutors endeavour to create an excellent balance of learning so that the student is not just able to get a top mark in the exam, but so that he or she also feels confident enough to be able to improvise and come up with unique conversations in the language. By doing this, the student doesn’t simply know how to pass them exam, but he or she has a real feel and grasp of the language.Our resultsCardiff Spanish Academy is proud to announce that over the last few years we have received nothing but excellent results, thanks to our fantastic tutors and students. We strive to keep this great reputation and are working hard to help our students to learn to love the Spanish language and cultures and do excellently in their exams. So, if you are eager for your children to do well in languages at school, it’s never too late to call us up for either some quality last minute prep before the exam, or some well planned lessons over the course of a year or two. We would love to hear from you to organise a free assessment class – we’re just a phone call away!