Feedback from Spanish AS level exam revision course

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Lab team
May 20, 2014
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Having recently completed the Easter Spanish AS level exam revision course, it was encouraging to see so many students take the opportunity to consolidate their learning and to fill in any gaps they may have as well as focus on proven exam techniques and past paper practices. Students often appreciate the chance to be able to address any last-minute concerns they have and maximise their performance as they approach exam time.The 2 hour course looked at:• Exam techniques – how to answer questions in context and what you need to do in order to approach different styles of questions, eg, gap fill, matching up sentences, true or false scenarios and more• Exam objectives - understanding what examiners are looking for in order to get the highest possible marks• Ambiguous exam questions – how to cope with them and avoid common pitfalls• Listening skills – how to sharpen your listening skills and techniques to employ when translating• Learning from your mistakes – examining past exam papers and studying annotations and corrections so that you avoid similar mistakes again• Vocabulary - review topic-specific vocabulary relevant to each theme studied in the curriculum• Essay writing – improve your techniques with the use of sentence starters, opinions, connecting words and a wide variety of tenses• Exam marks - understand how exam questions are weighted and what answers are needed• Checking your work - how to check your exam answers and use your time wisely• Revision - organising your revision timetable in order of importance.We wish all our students the best of luck in their forthcoming exams!Drew