Cuban Revival

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September 22, 2015
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Learn Spanish with us and visit beautiful Cuba

It appears that Cuba is changing significantly both socially and economically, in order to provide a more modern lifestyle for its citizens and increased growth and opportunities in the economy. This is partly due to the revised relationship between President Obama and government officials in Cuba as well as the fact that Cuba is now vastly widening its public use of the Internet.After remarks that the lack of internet is holding back Cuba’s economy, the country has finally decided to make the internet much for accessible to its citizens, by opening numerous internet cafes and wifi hotspots as well as making the price of connecting much lower. At the moment, there is only one main hot spot on the island, which is always busy. Due to its extremely high prices, spending time on the internet is seen as a luxury activity and most people who own smart phones do not regularly connect to the internet. As American companies push for Cuba to “get online”, eager to make their services available on the island, and as young people become more interested and feel more pressure to be connected, Cuba will be “going viral”. Government officials have said that by 2020 they aim for internet access to be in half of the population’s homes and for there to be wifi hotspots in many public spaces, such as parks and squares.There is no doubt that Cuba is an exotic and captivating place to visit, with its enchanting callejones andcarros which are said to be stuck in the 1950’s, its Afro-Cuban roots evident in the music and culture, as well as its stunning Caribbean beaches. Furthermore, with these societal changes, which are providing increased modernity and secure relationships with other countries, Cuba is definitely becoming an even more visitable location.So, why not plan a trip to Cuba to see it at its best? Beware that Cubans are known for their distinct Spanish accent, speaking very fast swallowing the ends of the words. So, make sure you take some Cuban Spanish classes before you go so that you know what you are in for, as English is not widely spoken. Here at London Spanish Academy we can help you with private one to one Spanish classes that are tailored to your specific needs, whether you are off to Spain or South America, for business or pleasure. Visit our London Spanish Academy Facebook page to see photos from Drew's trip last year to Cuba and Central America!Hasta luego,Evie, Language Co-ordinator and Tutor for London Spanish Academy