Buenos Aires – Where Not to Miss

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September 8, 2015
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To continue on from last week’s blog, which discussed the food and beverages of Buenos Aires, now we’re talking places to visit. Buenos Aires is one of the most visited cities in South America, and the reason why can’t just be down to its sizzling steaks. Buenos Aires is a fantastic mestizo of South America and Italy in many of its cultural features, which is apparent in its food, language and architecture. So, if you are planning a trip Argentina’s capital federal, make sure you don’t miss out on these exciting spots:La Boca – for the architecture, the colours and the tango showsDon’t miss La Boca – while it can be a slightly sketchy neighbourhood after dark, it’s renowned for both its bright and colourful houses and restaurants and for the live and round-the-clock tango shows that are held on the pavements. Sit back in one of La Boca’s finest cafés or restaurants and enjoy a thirst-quenching Quilmes whilst experiencing a professional couple tango-ing away.9 de Julio, El Obelisco, La Casa Rosada– for the width, the history and the patriotismOfficially the world’s widest avenue, 9 de Julio boasts fourteen remarkable lanes. Its name marks Argentina’s Independence on July 9, 1816. Bare in mind it takes a quite a while to cross this avenue due to its vastness! Likewise, the Obelisco is a historic monument of Buenos Aires and is the icon of Argentina, inaugurated in 1936 to mark 400 years since the 1st foundation of the city. It is found in the cross section of 9 de Julio and Corrientes. It is an impressive and majestic monument and one that can’t be missed, along with La Casa Rosada, a light-pink coloured palace in which La Presidenta has her offices – even better, free entry and tours for all!Bosques de Palermo – for the green, the roller skates and the dog walkersIn need of some down time? Relax in Palermo’s very own woods, by far Buenos Aires’ best park, full of luscious trees, ponds and endless professional dog walkers who have easily 10 or 12 dogs per hand! Yes that’s one person walking 24 dogs, and big ones! If you are into roller-skating, you’ll be in your element, but if you’d rather stick to walking, watch out because the skaters zoom past!La Feria de San Telmo – for the bits, the bobs and the bandsWhatever you are looking to take away with you back home, you’ll find it here amongst Buenos Aires’ old town of San Telmo. Come Sunday, artisans from all over the world who are living in Buenos Aires set up their stands to sell crafts. You’ll find antiques, souvenirs and great works of art as well as food for all taste buds and live music to please all ears! The crowds get heavy so the earlier you arrive, the better!While it’s not possible for me to mention all of Buenos Aires’ gems, these are definitely a few of the finest. Stay tune to hear the ins and outs on ArgentinianSpanish next week - believe me, the lingo of the Porteños is something special and you’ll need these language tips if you’re planning a trip there!Written by Evie Oswald