Beyond Capital Federal

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September 20, 2015
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Travelling to Argentina

So you’ve tasted all there is to taste, seen all there is to see and spoken all the Argentinian Spanish you can in Buenos Aires - now its time to explore the rest of this vast and plentiful country. Take a glance at my tips on where not to miss outside of the great Capital Federal de Buenos Aires.MendozaIf you’re a wine lover, you cannot miss this gem. If you’re not, I’m sure you soon will be after a visit here. While the city itself is not particularly out-of-this-world, it is the surrounding wineries and endless vineyards that make this location totally unmissable. Best way to see everything? Rent a bike at one of the numerous bike rental shops all over Mendoza, grab a map and make your way through some picturesque paths, delve into the wineries along the way for the free samples, tasting menus and tours. Just beware that as the day goes on, the more you taste, the windier those roads tend to get!Villa La AngosturaVilla La Angostura is a small town just north of Bariloche, which is just at the beginning of Argentina's breath-taking Patagonia region. While Bariloche is busy and bustling, Villa La Angostura is far more charming. Come winter or summer, spring or autumn, it is a magical town, set among an array of beautiful mountains and lakes, its log cabin cottages, cozy cafes and hidden lakeside shores are simply spectacular. It's easy to spend days going on long walks in the woods in autumn or spring, taking a dip in the lakes in the summer and snuggling by the fire on a snowy wintery day. It’s simply enchanting.IguazúLas Cataratas de Iguazú are immense waterfalls of the Iguazú river, which are on the border of Brazil and Argentina, and from which you can also see Paraguay. These falls are, quite literally, awesome. Make sure you go to both sides of the Falls - some say that after having seen Argentina's side, the rest doesn't compare but, in my opinion, that is just not true. If anything, I'd say Brazil's side is the one not to miss. Be sure to bring your kagool as well as protection for your camera - you will get wet! Don't miss the gorgeous coatis, which are little raccoon/ant-eater type animals that are everywhere and are as bold as pigeons, once you feed them you'll wish you hadn't....If you need to pick three places to visit in Argentina, these would be my favourites, but there is much more to explore if you have the time! Don’t forget to take a great guidebook, such as Loney Planet or Rough Guides to give you the most up to date information of where to stay, where to eat and what to see. ¡Excelente viaje!Written by Evie Oswald, Language Co-ordinator, Cardiff Spanish Academy