Back from holiday, now back to the books!

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July 25, 2015
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Keeping up with your Spanish language learning

Are you eager to keep your Spanish language skills up to scratch but don’t have the time or means to travel to or live in Spanish-speaking countries? Don’t be dispirited, many people are in the same boat as you. Here at London Spanish Academy we have plenty of students who have come back from trips abroad, having practiced and improved their Spanish and are now looking for ways to keep their Spanish going and avoid losing everything they worked so hard for. So, take a peek at these tips on how to keep your language skills going when you are not living in the country:1.) 10 minutes-a-day rule10 minutes can easily be spent scrolling through your Facebook news feed or glued to the screen watching your favourite soap opera or football match, but trust me, 10 minutes of language learning is worth much, much more. Make it a habit to spend 10 minutes reciting some new vocab, scanning the headlines or listening to a Spanish podcast. You’ll see in no time how much more easily you can come up with a perfect sentence in Spanish despite not speaking with natives on a daily basis. Just 10 minutes a day can really help!2.) Spanish or Latin American related festivals and eventsYou may not be living in a country where Spanish is spoken as the first language, but there are hundreds of thousands of Spanish speakers in London. As a result, there are Spanish related events happening non-stop. Tune into websites such as so that you don’t miss out on these opportunities to immerse yourself in Latino language and culture – the chances are you’ll be surrounded by Spanish and also reunited with your favourite typical dishes!3.) Spanish AppsDon’t forget that learning Spanish is supposed to be enjoyable! So, if you currently see it as more of a chore, the answer may be down to your very own smart phone. There is a world of Spanish language apps available that can turn your learning experience into your favourite pastime. Just as app “Busuu” says, “don’t just learn Spanish, fall in love with it!” There are many Spanish language related apps out there so take a moment to browse through a few such as Babbel, Tim Cogen, Bravolol or Levitate and find the one that suits you and the way you learn best. Sit back and get going with the latest puzzles, games and competitions – you’ll be hooked before you can say “aplicaciones de español”! 4.) Spanish classesThis one may seem obvious but nonetheless it’s indispensable. Finding a Spanish course that fits your busy lifestyle, is structured to your specific needs and focuses on your strengths and weaknesses is worth its weight in gold.That’s where we come in. At London Spanish Academy we provide tailored Spanish courses that mould to your specific language needs. We offer Business Spanish, Spanish Conversation, Children’s Spanish, General Spanish, Skype classes as well as GCSE, A-Level and Degree exam tuition. Our tutors are friendly, innovative and dynamic in their teaching methods and materials. Think maybe we could help you? Why not contact us for a free assessment lesson. In the meantime, get started with the 10-minute-a-day rule and experience first hand the positive results!