A typical holiday Spanish course outline at Cardiff Spanish Academy

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November 16, 2015
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Holiday Spanish with The Spanish Academy in our Cardiff centre

If you have a holiday planned to Spain or Latin America, you’re probably going to need the language basics to get yourself about. Therefore, at Cardiff Spanish Academy we have put together a specialised holiday Spanish course outline so that you can impress the locals with your language skills and so you don’t have to embarrass yourself by asking them if they speak English!In your first class, you’ll start with the very basics if you haven’t studied Spanish before, that being, the ABC’s, basic Spanish pronunciation, such as the rolling r’s and the double “l” sound, as well as basic greetings for the morning, afternoon and evening.Next, after you have mastered the basic greetings, you’ll need to know how to introduce yourself – you are bound to interact with Spaniards or Latinos on your trip so if you can talk about yourself and ask about other people, you’re well on your way to making some Spanish-speaking friends! You’ll learn to talk about your profession and nationality as well as ask about someone else’s.After you’ve learnt how to chat away to the taxi driver on your way from the airport, you’ll need to be able to check in at your hotel, make sure your reservation is correct or enquire about availability and prices as well as ask if breakfast is included!Now – you’ve got to be able to eat, haven’t you? We’ll make sure you feel super comfortable ordering food and drinks in a café, bar or restaurant, enquiring about the ingredients, asking for the bill and paying. So make sure you turn down the English menu if they try to give it to you – no cheating!Shopping – let’s be honest, it’s bound to happen with all of those tempting handmade crafts and unique Spanish boutiques! Not only will you have to ask about prices, maybe you’ll feel like haggling! Or you might find yourself needing to try on everything in the shop, from clothes to shoes to handbags - so asking for sizes, colours, prices and discounts might well come in handy!Of course we realise that it is important not to just regurgitate memorised holiday Spanish phrases, but to be able to come up with sentences on your own, as this is what speaking a language is really about. For that reason, in every class we will look at grammar points and practice free conversation so that if a situation arises on your holiday that we didn’t cover in class, you’ll be able to improvise and make yourself understood.So if you are planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, don’t hesitate to give us a call to arrange your free assessment class. Whatever your needs are, whether it is holiday Spanish, business Spanish, Skype classes or exam preparation, we have the skilled tutors to help you progress and meet your goals! ¡Hasta pronto!