6 popular Hispanic series to watch

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May 10, 2018
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The way in which we learn languages has changed and with a lot of Spanish tuition being carried out beyond the classroom, it is no surprise that people are now turning to Hispanic TV shows to enhance their Spanish conversation and grasp of the language as an additional learning tool.TV shows are now more accessible than ever before so what are some of the most popular Hispanic TV shows to help you improve your Spanish?


This TV show is a throwback but is a series that was designed for those who are learning to speak Spanish as it makes it possible to focus on words and phrases that relate to everyday life.The story is based around a lawyer who spends time in Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Puerto Rico and so, as you follow the story, you will begin to understand the dialect and accent if these countries.


When you start to watch this, you will soon realise that it might look slightly familiar and that is because it is similar to the famous American TV show Friends.The show is based around a character called Sam who is English and now lives in Barcelona to improve his Spanish. He shares an apartment with two girls and they are often correcting each other, using phrases from everyday life. They speak slowly which makes it perfect for those learning Spanish. This is a series that might be suited to the intermediate learner.

El Tiempo Entre Costuras (The Time in Between)

This show is based around a character who leaves Madrid prior to the start of the Spanish Civil War. This Spanish drama was made with a huge budget and is massively popular but it is great for those who are looking to improve their Spanish due to the way in which characters interact with one another.

Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel)

This story is based around a man who is in search of his sister and ends up at the Gran Hotel where she once worked. Her disappearance is a mystery but he soon realises that the hotel holds number of secrets. The story follows him and the ways in which he tries to discover what happened to his sister but the conversations and phrases that take place are great for Spanish learners.


This is one of the biggest hit shows of the moment where it chronicles the growth of the cocaine trade in Colombia, following the real lives of many of the main players in the trade. It follows Pablo Escobar and the role he played but much of the conversation is in Spanish and is fast paced which is perfect for those who are of a higher level when it comes to learning Spanish.