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Industry-specific sessions for financial and insurance clients, from individual employees to SMEs and enterprise. Results-based outcomes to further your career or upskill your team.
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Drew, English business coach
Drew, Spanish & English business coach
Drew, Spanish & English business coach
Drew, Spanish & English business coach


A positive impact on professional growth and development, resulting in tangible outcomes  

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Training and development opportunities are #1 on the wish list of employee job perks


FTSE 100 companies

We're the language provider for Admiral Group plc and Amey plc for all their UK, European and global partners. We also count listed companies Atradius and Coface as clients.



We've worked with Google at their London office providing language sessions. We're working with Amazon Prime on the Hanna TV series and Disney is the latest client to join our list.


Public service

Our client the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office required intensive Spanish lessons for British diplomats. We consulted with the NHS on healthcare interpretation projects.



Our work with the BBC, ITV and HBO is for language coaching and translation for multiple TV series. With The Economist and The History Channel, we were involved in interpretation.


SMEs and individuals

Current and previous sectors include finance, tech, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, housing, travel and tourism.



Our language coaching projects with Premiership Football Clubs and M&C Saatchi Group plc were tailored for football managers and players.

Our clients

Overview of lessons for finance and insurance professionals

Today's challenges
Training and development is #1 on the wish list of employee job perks. A multilingual workforce is win-win: companies benefit from engaged staff, increased employee wellbeing and greater diversity and inclusivity. Teams benefit from wider connections and networks colleagues resulting in innovation and creativity. Individuals improve their communication skills resulting in a positive impact on growth and development.

But IRL examples are just as important: our business language clients can sit next to their CEO and hold an insightful conversation, overcome nerves and give presentations in front of 1,000 people and deal with complex audits in half a billion dollar acquisitions - all in their non-native language.

Our success rate
We achieve this via a hybrid model of:
1. Tailored 1:1/group lessons - with drilled-down content specific to the financial and insurance sectors
2. Technology - cloud-based learning dashboard and app
3. Methodology - needs analysis, assessment and onboarding
4. Real-time progress tracking - quarterly Lab Reports, actionables and milestones
5. Check-ins – with a dedicated customer success manager
6. Reporting - to key stakeholders.

For individuals
Our language sessions are suitable for students who wish to learn or improve their language knowledge specialising in the financial and insurance industries alongside incorporating a broad overview of general topics. We offer language instruction in modern foreign languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian and German, as well as Mandarin, Russian and Arabic amongst others.

We tutor all levels from beginners to those who have some language knowledge, in which case we'll ensure you've consolidated the foundations so that you can progress to the next Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level, the internationally-recognised framework for language proficiency.  

Classes will focus on terminology used in typical business scenarios including email communication, participating in and giving presentations, video conferences, financial reporting, competitor analysis, forecasting and budgets, LinkedIn updates, news articles, industry magazines, projects, business trips and culture. Whilst we use a textbook to provide structure to lessons, this is supplemented with authentic audio, video and speaking activities so that you reach fluency quicker by putting sentences together, asking questions and understanding answers. Of course, all skillsets of reading, writing, speaking and accent reduction, listening, grammar, verbs and vocabulary will be studied.

For insurance and financial employers
A multilingual workforce provides greater access and expansion into domestic and international markets. Brexit has highlighted the need for companies to engage further with European and global partners, suppliers and counterparts.

Our language lessons have increased employee confidence when working with colleagues, partners and their network, enabling them to build greater relationships, overcome challenges quicker and in turn boost stakeholder satisfaction. Speaking more than one language heightens cultural sensitivity and diversity to promote an inclusive work environment and increase collaboration across teams.

Bolt ons
We provide the following services for individuals and companies:
- Group sessions (in-house company training - in-office options available in London/Cardiff)
- Employment consultations (CVs/covering letters, interview techniques, professional references)
- Professional exams (FCE, CAE, English Proficiency and IELTS exams; DELF and DELE)
- Translation  
- Interpretation.

Starting CEFR level


Finishing CEFR level


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Case study

I have had lessons for a couple of years while working for a Spanish company. All I can say is that it has been fantastic! The one-to-one lessons were great. (She) was always accommodating around my schedule and made the classes engaging and topical with current affairs. There were endless amounts of resources for my lessons, but always a perfect mix of understanding the language, reading, writing, listening and speaking to suit the level I was at. I couldn't recommend My Language Lab more highly.
- Andrew Napier, Finance Manager, Amey plc, part of Ferrovial, S.A.

How it

1.  Assessment and
needs analysis

Goal setting and language placement test to scope out your practical learning requirements and discuss your job description and role.

2. Proposal

Bespoke proposal with selective options and packages to suit your timeline and budget.

3. Instructor matching and customer success manager

Personal instructor matching and customer success manager allocated to support your studies and check-in with you.

4. Onboarding session

Kick-off session to onboard the Learning Dashboard and begin lessons.

5. Tracking

Real-time progress tracking with Quarterly Lab Reports™️,  check-ins, gradebooks and certificates at specific milestones.

6. Reporting

Reporting to key stakeholders including HR and L&D managers to assess progress and evaluate objectives.

Individual & employer outcomes

For the first time I feel like continuing learn(ing) and not despair with English. Skype classes are very comfortable. No doubt highly recommended!!

MariLuz, CMO, Rastreator, Spain

Starting CEFR level


Current CEFR level


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Case study

As the CMO of Spain's leading insurance aggregator Rastreator (formerly part of Admiral Group plc, now RVU), MariLuz needed to improve her English to better communicate with European teams, give presentations and comply with auditing teams. Her communications skills have increased greatly; she's confident presenting to the Group CEO and at marketing conferences and has been involved in complex audits as part of RVU's half a billion dollar acquisition of Rastreator from Admiral Group plc.

Ian, Chief Information Officer, PHS Group plc - Intensive business Spanish

I have to say she is at a totally different level to any other tutor I had. I have made great progress with her, as she is doing less textbook work and more interactive conversation which suits me down to the ground.

Paula Hansen, Project Manager, Atradius - Business Spanish

I highly recommend if you are considering learning a language. I have continued to use Spanish ... and this has opened up many opportunities. I will certainly use (MLL) again should I decide to extend my language skills.


How our sessions have added value to individuals, teams and companies

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